Meaning of internet service provider in English:

internet service provider

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  • A company that provides subscribers with access to the internet.

    ‘if your router was supplied by your internet service provider, give them a call’
    • ‘The first Internet service provider that we worked with was really bad.’
    • ‘He called his Internet service provider and put in a request for a T3 line.’
    • ‘Thanks to new technology, your next Internet service provider could be the power company.’
    • ‘The Atlanta-based Internet service provider now ranks as the second largest ISP, behind AOL.’
    • ‘Wyoming is eager to reduce its dependency on energy and agriculture by recruiting information-based companies such as Internet service providers.’
    • ‘The devices do not contain a hard drive and are wholly reliant on Internet service providers for their data.’
    • ‘In practice, advertising revenues to Internet service providers and the like have continued to plummet.’
    • ‘This new company would serve multi-national business customers, international carriers and Internet service providers worldwide.’
    • ‘If your internet service provider provides movies or television shows, they can't also block sites that belong to their competitors.’
    • ‘This bill ensures that consumers, not their Internet service provider, are in the driver's seat when it comes to their online experience.’