Meaning of internet site in English:

internet site


  • A website or web page.

    ‘several internet sites posted the image’
    • ‘What internet sites do you visit regularly?’
    • ‘With the rise of DVRs and streaming Internet sites, viewers no longer feel compelled to watch a show during its initial broadcast.’
    • ‘Computers can be infected with the software through fake internet sites and instant messenger programs.’
    • ‘Through an internet site, Charles and Emily arranged to swap houses for the holiday.’
    • ‘The leaked version of the video was shared by thousands of fans across various internet sites.’
    • ‘It gets tens of thousands of hits on its internet site each day, which it publishes in seven languages.’
    • ‘Did you create this internet site or did you hire someone to do it for you?’
    • ‘The band's back catalogue has been uploaded to Internet site Spotify after fans hit the bandmates' one million streams target.’
    • ‘He scoured internet sites for information on blackjack and baccarat.’
    • ‘A government agency has been granted the powers to block blacklisted Internet sites for extremism without a court ruling.’