Meaning of interoceanic in English:



  • Between or connecting two oceans.

    ‘He recently launched his ambitious ‘Plan Puebla Panama,’ to transform Central America into a vast Free Trade Zone, a combination of interoceanic transportation links, maquiladoras, and plantations.’
    • ‘Selecting the Corps of Engineers upon graduation, Groves served at various military camps throughout the South, in Washington, D.C., and in Nicaragua, where he helped survey a proposed interoceanic canal.’
    • ‘Molecular analyses also highlight geographical centers of biodiversity and suggest interoceanic migration of Syngnathus pipefishes from their center of origin in the Pacific.’
    • ‘In 1903, Panama and the United States signed a treaty by which the United States undertook to construct an interoceanic ship canal across the Isthmus of Panama.’
    • ‘The lengthy voyage of the USS Oregon around Cape Horn during the Spanish-American War strengthened their resolve to secure an interoceanic passage.’
    • ‘The prospect of an interoceanic canal across Nicaragua generated attention in the nineteenth century and encouraged repeated external interventions.’
    • ‘Both foreign powers wanted to control an interoceanic transit route, be it by land or via a new Caribbean to Pacific canal.’



/ˌɪntərəʊʃɪˈanɪk/ /ˌɪntərəʊsɪˈanɪk/