Meaning of interoperable in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntərˈɒp(ə)rəb(ə)l/


  • (of computer systems or software) able to exchange and make use of information.

    ‘The company says the software will also be interoperable with Java application server standards.’
    • ‘Network new product development goes beyond just using interoperable software.’
    • ‘The basic picture is that we have a groups of families of interoperable software tools with lots of overlap.’
    • ‘They are not designed to be interoperable, to exchange information with other sites.’
    • ‘The use of standards-based software to control interoperable hardware has always been a key design goal of network architects.’
    • ‘The software is becoming increasingly interoperable with other systems, including GBS.’
    • ‘Open standards software products are designed to be interoperable with software from other manufacturers, but can be proprietary technologies.’
    • ‘All of them were well integrated by multiple communications links and interoperable computer systems.’
    • ‘The standards and protocols used to access the Web are well defined and mature, making it fairly simple to achieve fully interoperable systems.’
    • ‘In an interoperable system, with its single cable and standard components, changes to the system can be completed quicker and at a much lower cost.’
    • ‘In high-rises, for example, there is a requirement that the fire system be interoperable with other systems.’
    • ‘Users want to access an interoperable information world, where a set of separate repositories looks to them like a single information portal.’
    • ‘Therefore, the solution must also take care of packaging and exchanging such context information in an interoperable manner.’
    • ‘This concept is the vision of interoperable searching among state systems, based on uniform standards, profiles and best practices.’
    • ‘It's a good start, with many a hurdle to overcome, nevertheless the question of being able to make interoperable mobile payments will ultimately affect us all.’
    • ‘These end systems are stable, interoperable, and well understood throughout the IT community.’
    • ‘What I am interested in is helping make standards-based, interoperable computing for Indian languages a reality.’
    • ‘They just want information technology to be interoperable, seamless, and less expensive.’
    • ‘Standardized, interoperable cable modems would create a retail rush and remove the cost from service operators' books.’
    • ‘Each had a vested reason to want a universal, interoperable ADSL standard.’