Meaning of interplant in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəˈplɑːnt/


[with object]
  • 1Plant (a crop or plant) together with another crop or plant.

    ‘purple varieties are interplanted with yellow types’
    • ‘A few ‘Chinese Daikon’ or ‘Snow Belle’ radishes work well as a flea beetle catch-crop when interplanted with cole crops.’
    • ‘Participating families could interplant agricultural crops on the land until the trees were firmly established.’
    • ‘That's why gardeners interplant Oriental poppies with concealing companions such as baby's breath, catmint, globe thistle, Heliopsis, purple coneflower, and Russian sage.’
    • ‘These could be interplanted with a bronze-foliaged winter blooming heath to provide pockets of color and shape during the winter season.’
    • ‘As other varieties were interplanted with Petite Syrah, and as new vineyards were started with unidentified cuttings from older vineyards, the true identity of Petite Syrah grew more and more obscure.’
    • ‘In August, get a jump on fall cover crops by interplanting them between corn, carrots and other row crops.’
    • ‘To begin with, a more disease-resistant crop, interplanted with a less resistant crop, can act as a physical barrier to the spread of disease spores.’
    • ‘They are all modestly interplanted with Red Onions to help deter pests.’
    • ‘All of these, the wildlings and selected forms alike, take up little space, look delightful when interplanted with small spring bulbs, and provide enormous interest at a time when any colour is to be cherished.’
    • ‘Below are colorful primroses interplanted with forget-me-nots and azaleas.’
    • ‘It's deciduous, so to obtain year-round shade, it will need to be interplanted with other evergreen species such as the yellowwood tree.’
    • ‘One year we grew lettuce and then interplanted tomatoes; those two crops grossed $5,300.’
    • ‘Even on a small scale, container grasses can be enlivened by interplanting them with broad-leafed plants, such as a mix of golden-variegated Hakone grass with bronze-leafed sweet potato vine.’
    • ‘Spring is the time to interplant perennials, shrubs, roses and plant or transplant your annuals.’
    • ‘He interplants hakonechloa, fountain grass (Pennisetum spp.) and eulalia grass (Miscanthus spp.) with his bulbs.’
    • ‘Elaeagnus may significantly improve yields from nitrogen-greedy plum and nut trees, for example, when it is interplanted among them.’
    • ‘Yet when it's finished flowering, she likes to interplant some impatiens in the bed under her tree for spots of summer-long color.’
    • ‘Bulbs can also be interplanted in such a way that the summer perennials just coming into leaf will mask the dying foliage of the spring bulbs.’
    • ‘Other gardeners prefer to interplant them with spring flowers such as columbines, daisies, dianthus, Iceland poppies, lupines, and peonies.’
    • ‘A favorite Dutch remedy is to interplant Fritillaria imperialis.’
    1. 1.1Plant (land) with a mixture of crops or plants.
      • ‘the area could be interplanted with shade-loving species’