Meaning of interracial in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəˈreɪʃ(ə)l/

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  • Existing between or involving different racial or ethnic groups.

    ‘interracial conflict’
    • ‘It depends where you live in Britain as to how people react to different races, cultures and interracial relationships.’
    • ‘Getting onto the point, this is a battle of races, an interracial war you might say.’
    • ‘Evidence of this is seen in the steady, yet unremarked, rise in interracial marriage rates for all of our races.’
    • ‘In addition, questions began to be raised about how to enumerate race for children born of interracial unions.’
    • ‘This is a new generation that isn't offended by gay marriage, interracial love, or diverse religions.’
    • ‘And the article is right: a powerful stigma does exist against interracial adoptions in America.’
    • ‘Their interracial marriage drew few stares and no discernible backlash.’
    • ‘Nor is one likely to find much interracial camaraderie in African-American studies classes.’
    • ‘It will promote richer interracial contact among students poised to become the nation's leaders.’
    • ‘Write him a note asking how he would feel about interracial dating, and, specifically, dating you.’
    • ‘Remember when it was against the law for interracial couples to marry?’
    • ‘In 1947 he organized a trip by bus that took an interracial group of volunteers from the North to the South.’
    • ‘Working in an interracial coalition can be a difficult and humbling experience, but also a sweet one.’
    • ‘As an American Christian woman of an interracial background, I could not understand.’
    • ‘Its value in the furtherance of interracial goodwill and understanding is one that cannot be overestimated.’
    • ‘So we simply took the next leap to say that if interracial interactions are stressful, then do they subsequently impair cognition?’
    • ‘Despite the increase in the numbers of interracial families, societal acceptance is still limited.’
    • ‘This partially lifts the choke hold that residential segregation puts on interracial social contact.’
    • ‘And the novels do more than demonstrate the importance of interracial labor solidarity.’
    • ‘Another wing of the labor movement invariably helped lay the foundation for interracial cooperation.’


Late 19th century from inter- + racial.