Meaning of interrelationship in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntərɪˈleɪʃnʃɪp/


  • The way in which each of two or more things is related to the other or others.

    ‘the interrelationship between the comprehension and production of early vocabulary’
    • ‘The interrelationship in relation to contract and tort was not explored in the appellant's case.’
    • ‘In fact, it cries for technical attention because nobody understands the interrelationships among concurrent tests of significance.’
    • ‘The authors make the case for a middle ground, where investigators are attentive to broad patterns of interrelationships informed by causal understanding.’
    • ‘The reasons for the failure of the Greeks to develop a fruitful notion of laws of Nature and commence their systematic discovery are manifold, and their mutual interrelationships complicated.’
    • ‘Because the 13 attributes were not perceived to be mutually exclusive by study respondents, a factor analysis was run in order to clarify the interrelationships among them.’
    • ‘Essentially, this takes into account the various interrelationships that are involved in a product's lifecycle.’
    • ‘A final analysis looked at interrelationships between variables and connections between themes.’
    • ‘A key concern of a number of recent U.S. studies has been the interrelationship between relations of politics, power, and racism.’
    • ‘The common procedure for this is to apply statistical methods on consumption and production data in order to establish their interrelationship.’
    • ‘He has not given the reason - he has not given any reason relating to the interrelationship of the features as an inventive combination.’
    • ‘Their collective bodies of work envision a world that does not devalue and separate people, a world connected to ideals of justice grounded in the interrelationships of words and deeds.’
    • ‘Genetic interactions uncover interrelationships between components of a cellular pathway or interactions between different cellular pathways.’
    • ‘The other major gender difference related to desire and pleasure concerned the interrelationships among these two themes.’
    • ‘As a science, ecology describes the interrelationships between organisms and environments - that is, the experience of living together in the biosphere.’
    • ‘But what the film is all about is the wooden worlds of the sea, and the complex interrelationships and miniscule hierarchies are beautifully observed.’
    • ‘If there's a hole in this plan, it is that the parts of the whole are so intricate and so complex that their interrelationships and outcomes cannot wholly be known.’
    • ‘Here, in the company of spiders, monkeys, birds and newly emerged larvae, they learn of the earth, of interrelationships and about themselves.’
    • ‘I never learned about human interrelationships and behavior.’
    • ‘He said it also addresses the interrelationships of nations and cultures, and how war and other violent acts can affect the balance of nature.’
    • ‘Surely she does think about such networks and interrelationships.’
    connection, association, link, tie-in, tie-up, relation, relationship, interrelationship, interdependence, interconnection, interaction