Meaning of interspecifically in English:




See interspecific

‘For example, a previous comparative study revealed that intersexual differences in song are associated interspecifically, with intersexual differences in the size of specific song nuclei.’
  • ‘Due to the observed differences in morphology, some of the details of these interspecifically variable characters were not included in the generic diagnosis given above.’
  • ‘This is demonstrated by the negative correlations between antipredation behavior and antipredation related morphology in snails, intraspecifically and interspecifically.’
  • ‘We want to investigate the effects of early experiences on subsequent dominance status by interspecifically cross-fostering great tits to blue tits and vice versa.’
  • ‘That effect may occur interspecifically as well, in that species that carry higher relative fuel loads are also more at risk than species with lower relative fuel loads.’