Meaning of interstadial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntəˈsteɪdɪəl/


  • Relating to a minor period of less cold climate during a glacial period.

    Compare with interglacial

    ‘Between 20000 and 105000 BP the GRIP and GISP2 cores record 22 warm interstadial events reflecting extremely rapid climatic change in the North Atlantic.’
    • ‘The value of - 9 m for Robe Range relates to deposition during interstadial 5c rather than during the interglacial maximum.’
    • ‘Robe 11 and Robe III refer respectively to interstadial Substages Sa and Sc according to the terminology of Schwebel.’


  • An interstadial period.

    ‘At Vostok, however, only nine interstadials are recorded in the same time period.’
    • ‘Data from the GRIP ice core from Greenland show that this cold period was not uniformly cold and 24 interstadials are recognized (DansgaardOeschger events).’
    • ‘And even the glacial periods themselves are divided into colder phases and temperate interstadials.’
    • ‘Presumably it represents a steppe bison, a species that was relatively common in the Yukon and Alaska during the Mid-Wisconsinan interstadial.’
    • ‘In comparison with other deglaciation records from the Rockall Trough the sample may date from the warm Allerod-Boiling interstadial of 13.5-11 ka.’


Early 20th century from inter-‘between’ + stadial from Latin stadialis, from stadium ‘stage’.