Meaning of interstitially in English:



See interstitial

‘They are found from intertidal to abyssal zones at least as deep as 5,300 m interstitially in usually the upper few millimeters or centimeters of the sediment layer.’
  • ‘Our simultaneously living in these strongly and starkly differing worlds is one more powerful instance of our living in a between, living liminally, interstitially where we attempt aporias and try to stay alive at the same time.’
  • ‘A new and unexpected finding is that the influence of telomere proximity extends to ectopic recombination between homologous sequences located interstitially.’
  • ‘Condensation may occur at some distance from the source of the moisture, normally on wall surfaces, in cavities, or interstitially within building materials.’
  • ‘This oyster also has moderate inflammatory changes in other tissues, both interstitially and associated with vessels.’