Meaning of interviewee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntəvjuːˈiː/

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  • A person who is interviewed.

    ‘interviewees were asked to discuss their feelings about the interview’
    • ‘There are long periods where the camera stares unwaveringly at interviewees.’
    • ‘The audio is fine for the task at hand, with voices of various interviewees easily understood.’
    • ‘The filmmaker repeatedly misses opportunities to showcase the buildings, focusing on interviewees instead of architecture.’
    • ‘Partnerships between the two departments were less likely for some interviewees than for others.’
    • ‘Results are presented in percentages of total citations aggregated across all interviewees.’
    • ‘In general, to emphasize a deficiency in communication, some interviewees could not estimate the number of horses within their section.’
    • ‘The general downward trend in enrollment noted by the interviewees is consistent with the downward trend in graduates cited previously.’
    • ‘Unusually, all interviewees talk directly to camera, instead of a hidden interviewer to the side, forever involving them with the audience.’
    • ‘Several interviewees can arguably be called the "working stiffs" of comics.’
    • ‘Particularly interesting is the fact that you never see the interviewees.’