Meaning of Interweb in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪntəwɛb/


  • The internet.

    ‘I couldn't agree more that is the most hilarious stuff I have spied on the Interweb in months.’
    • ‘You, dear reader, can own this piece of literary history by the wonders of Interweb mail order.’
    • ‘So I throw myself upon the mercy of the Interweb.’
    • ‘With this second coming of iPhone, a name change makes sure it get's even more attention around the Interweb.’
    • ‘The Interweb was the right choice over virtual reality.’
    • ‘However, I firmly believe I witnessed enough to gather a subjective series of objective opinions, thereby allowing me to comment on the current state of the Inter-web.’
    • ‘So there is my critical assessment of why this Inter-web is currently failing.’
    • ‘Why am I wasting a little space on the Interweb with meditations on forgotten things?’
    • ‘My father finally got on the Interweb last month.’
    • ‘Wow, a thriller unfolds on the Interweb!’
    • ‘How can these companies and the Inter-web in general survive if they are continuing to be so generous in nature?’
    • ‘Because they're knowledge-based, the Interweb guarantees leaks sooner or later.’
    • ‘My dependancy is my computer and the old Interweb.’
    • ‘How could the Inter-web, which has brought so much information and chunks of steaming joy to so many people, be a failing business model?’
    • ‘Calling the Internet by a different name Yes, it was very cute to call the Internet the Interweb, but really, we'd grown tired of it.’
    • ‘And lets you search the pages from the Interweb.’
    • ‘The many-varied colors of the Interweb rainbow!’
    • ‘Work laptop doesn't seem to like my Interweb connection at home and is now blocked.’
    • ‘I've become slightly addicted to books describing the state of the Interweb about a decade ago.’
    • ‘Look on the Interweb for dates and details.’