Meaning of intestinal flora in English:

intestinal flora

plural noun

usually treated as singular
  • The symbiotic bacteria occurring naturally in the gut.

    ‘it can be accurately interpreted if the intestinal flora is normal’
    • ‘Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that modify the intestinal flora.’
    • ‘It turns out that colonization by normal intestinal flora is vital - zebrafish and their bacteria have become evolutionarily entangled.’
    • ‘The use of various probiotic bacteria to promote a balance of appropriate intestinal flora has yielded mixed results.’
    • ‘The importance of restoring normal intestinal flora cannot be over-emphasized.’
    • ‘Antibiotic use leads to unbalanced intestinal flora that contributes to leaky bowel syndrome. Probiotics may restore pH and gut flora to a healthier environment.’
    • ‘Taking probiotics while taking antibiotics can help keep your intestinal flora in balance and prevent antibiotic side effects like diarrhea.’
    • ‘This makes your large intestine more alkaline - and therefore more inviting - for yeast: In addition to antibiotics, some of the other factors that can affect your intestinal flora are chlorinated water, antacids and cortisone.’
    • ‘Another possible scenario that could disrupt the feedback mechanism is the inhibition of peripheral thyroid hormone receptors by various environmental toxins, metabolites, or byproducts of intestinal flora.’
    • ‘Molds and fungi modify the human body's internal environment, leading to great disturbance of intestinal flora, digestion, immune function, and hormonal balance.’
    • ‘Side effects include ‘fragrant’ breath, rare instances of GI symptoms, changes to intestinal flora, and allergic reactions.’
    • ‘Regarding the spectrum of activity, an antimicrobial agent active against both gram-positive and negative organisms will have a greater impact on the intestinal flora.’
    • ‘Antibiotics, for instance, do improve acne conditions, but they also interfere with the balance of healthy intestinal flora, making the problem cyclic.’
    • ‘Needless to say, this was worth further investigation - particularly since until last week I thought biodynamics was one of those yoghurt drinks that perk up your intestinal flora.’
    • ‘Antibiotics, which zap your intestinal flora (thus giving house room to opportunistic yeast cells), are the usual culprits, but there are others.’
    • ‘I also recommend taking acidophilus in the form of yogurt or capsules to restore your good intestinal flora and inhibit yeast in the intestine.’
    • ‘Enzymes also stimulate immune activity and bolster immune system function by promoting growth of healthy intestinal flora.’
    • ‘The Candida population found in a healthy intestinal tract is small; it is held in check by the intestinal flora and fauna, as well as a healthy immune system.’
    • ‘The composition of intestinal flora may significantly affect production of such compounds.’
    • ‘Corticosteroids and oral contraceptives also upset the balance of intestinal flora.’
    • ‘Folklore aside, yogurt has been found to aid digestion and rebalance intestinal flora.’