Meaning of intoxicant in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈtɒksɪk(ə)nt/

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  • An intoxicating substance.

    ‘intoxicants and drugs are used by some to escape physical or psychological pain’
    • ‘Tobacco use among females was present but in oral form which is acceptable more as a medication than as an intoxicant among them.’
    • ‘The Glorious Qur'an commands humans to abstain from intoxicants, alcohol, drugs, gambling, from dedication of stones and divination of arrows.’
    • ‘An attached restaurant does not serve intoxicants like tea or coffee, but you can have a delicious vegetarian buffet for less than £3.’
    • ‘What came in the wake of prohibition when it finally arrived were genuinely harmful intoxicants: heroin, morphine, hard liquor and tobacco.’
    • ‘If you're like most people in Montreal, you're probably looking for something to do on a Saturday night that's the perfect mix of the right music, a taster's choice of libations and intoxicants, and a good helping of debauchery.’
    • ‘It was this article that made me - someone who has not even tried marijuana but who favors complete legalization of all intoxicants for sale and distribution to adults - want to read the whole book.’
    • ‘Similarly, nail varnish and varnish remover (acetone and esters), although strong smelling, are probably too water soluble to be intoxicants.’
    • ‘I had moderated my diet and avoided all intoxicants.’
    • ‘But what about other intoxicants such as cocaine, cannabis resin or even the so called harmless prescription drugs.’
    • ‘The wine back then was just a drink, not an intoxicant.’
    • ‘Earlier affluence has led to high consumption of intoxicants.’
    • ‘For the first days of Lent, and perhaps for the entire period, devout Buddhists will abstain from intoxicants, certain foods, harsh language, deceitful deeds, and make a concentrated effort not to harm any living creature.’
    • ‘He said that the majority of road accidents are caused by a lack of awareness and through irresponsibility by motorists, including excessive speed, driving under the influence of intoxicants and complete disregard for traffic rules.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, most Happy Hours seem to concentrate on reducing the price of the amber fluid alone, thus alienating those who either prefer the harder intoxicants or the softer liquids.’
    • ‘Is the baby boomer electorate so puritanical that they would punish progressive politicians who voiced support for liberalizing or legalizing intoxicants, or simply marijuana?’
    • ‘The regulations also ban people from driving or being in charge of these water sport craft in Tramore Bay while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.’
    • ‘They pointed out that many cough syrups were already being abused in the state, with young people consuming them as intoxicants.’
    • ‘There, he was made to drink an intoxicant, which made unconscious.’
    • ‘Beer was the intoxicant of choice in the Colonies, just as it had been back in England.’
    • ‘Alcohol is the one intoxicant that is widely available to every grown-up person in the country.’
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