Meaning of intradermal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntrəˈdəːml/


  • Situated or applied within the layers of the skin.

    ‘Serum antibodies, direct urine measurement, and intradermal skin tests for mold sensitivity demonstrated a high correlation with exposure and with alteration of the immune system.’
    • ‘These results suggest that penicillin can be given safely to patients with negative intradermal skin tests to penicillin.’
    • ‘Colonization was defined as having more than 15 colony-forming units of a pathogenic organism on the intradermal part of the catheter, as indicated by the semiquantitative roll-plate technique.’
    • ‘A variety of intramuscular and intradermal rabies vaccination schedules are used worldwide.’
    • ‘The currently available BCG vaccine is for intradermal use only.’