Meaning of intrapersonal in English:




  • Taking place or existing within the mind.

    ‘These issues if left unresolved can cause major intrapersonal conflicts within the adolescent in relation to role and identity.’
    • ‘Like intrapersonal thinkers, Leonardo worked hard to improve all aspects of himself.’
    • ‘I also propose two forms of personal intelligence, interpersonal and intrapersonal: these latter are close to what Goleman means by emotional intelligence.’
    • ‘This characterization of intrapersonal conversation is borne out, not by appeal to introspection, but by reflection on the assumptions implicit in the ways people conduct their thought.’
    • ‘Do you respond best to interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships?’
    • ‘But the problem morality solves is deeper; it is as much intrapersonal as interpersonal.’
    • ‘Most of us only interact on the intrapersonal level and that's what we can contribute.’
    • ‘The current study tests whether the effects of both of these social - environmental factors can be accounted for through a common mediating pathway, their joint effect on an intrapersonal factor, children's fear of being abandoned.’
    • ‘The predominant focus in the trauma literature has been on the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, a disorder that, by definition, focuses on the intrapersonal effects of traumatic events on the individual trauma survivor.’
    • ‘However, studies with girls and violence report concern in several unique areas, including an understanding of intrapersonal conflict as reflected in a comorbidity of self-harm and suicidal ideation with physical aggression.’
    • ‘We find the unmistakable signs of psychic tension, not in the intrapersonal space to which they are usually confined, but instead within the more ‘objective’ space of a marriage, a piano lesson, or a port town.’
    • ‘We encourage our trainers to focus on personal survival skills, such as time management, physical and emotional health goals, and intrapersonal strategies to help them identify elements that will contribute to burnout.’
    • ‘In addition, intrapersonal variables such as perceived competence, perceived control, and perceived autonomy support have been shown to affect young adolescents' achievement and motivation.’
    • ‘Her apparent ‘stops’ were not punctuation intended for the listener, but, rather, intrapersonal pauses intended for her own internal process of generating more spoken words.’
    • ‘Both bullying and victimization are associated with intrapersonal problems such as anxiety and depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and less satisfaction with school.’
    • ‘This has been attributed to the nature of the measures being used, as males tend to score higher on identity measures that relate to intrapersonal aspects of identity, while females score higher on interpersonal items.’
    • ‘Also, intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences apart from the parenting realm are explored so that personal resources are cultivated and impediments to effective parenting are addressed.’
    • ‘We also hypothesized that women who were prostituting would be more likely to report using drugs to cope with various interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences commonly associated with prostitution.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, the results are consistent with earlier research that has demonstrated a link between interpersonal and intrapersonal variables and academically related outcomes.’
    • ‘For example, teens that exhibit unconventional attitudes, intrapersonal distress, and interpersonal difficulty tend to enter adult roles early, before they are prepared to take them on.’