Meaning of intriguer in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈtriːɡə/

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‘There one sees what Shakespeare saw: the absolute power of the tyrant, the courtiers, the flatterers, the jesters, the cunningly ambitious intriguers.’
  • ‘As to her being a political intriguer, she was if anything rather apolitical.’
  • ‘Double agents, intriguers, and power-seekers flourished, which was one of the reasons why much information about the Decembrists' conspiracy never reached responsible officials until it was too late.’
  • ‘Where disturbances broke out in overseas territories at the Liberation in support of demands for independence, the French authorities blamed them either on Nazi agents or on British intriguers.’
  • ‘Many of the other figures involved in the operation were egregious intriguers and strivers, mediocrities for whom the CIA's money was a godsend.’