Meaning of introspectively in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntrəˈspɛktɪvli/


See introspective

‘The introspectively discovered Truth of Suffering is one of ceaseless movement, of a dynamic process which is suffering by virtue of being uncontrollable, ever-changing, and therefore inadequate and unsatisfying.’
  • ‘The suggestion that I know about my thoughts by being introspectively aware of them seems, from a phenomenological standpoint anyway, overwhelmingly plausible.’
  • ‘I think it also would be very difficult, as the Americans retreated after Vietnam introspectively, it would probably cause us to lose a great degree of confidence.’
  • ‘We do not introspectively observe agent causation, and even highly improbable behavior could occur in a world without agent causation.’
  • ‘Titular hint aside, the subject matter has gone from overtly political to introspectively personal.’