Meaning of intrusiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈtruːsɪvnəs/

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‘Allegedly to reduce the incidence and intrusiveness of such searches, the government is pressing forward with plans to do background checks on travelers, again without regard to suspicion.’
  • ‘The intrusiveness of electronic surveillance, its great potential for abuse, and its infringement on traditional expectations of privacy all distinguished it from old-fashioned eavesdropping.’
  • ‘But that hardly eliminates the need for reform, in reducing the severity of sentences and the intrusiveness of drug law enforcement, and shifting to more selective, targeted enforcement.’
  • ‘But there can be no doubting the all-but-irresistible intrusiveness of entrepreneurial values and practices into the everyday running and exhibiting policies of these institutions.’
  • ‘This is the central function of government, and while there is room to argue about the size and intrusiveness of government, few would think of it as philanthropic, although it is often useful to speak of it as such.’