Meaning of Inuk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪnʊk/

nounplural noun Inuit

  • A member of the Inuit people.

    as modifier ‘drawings by an Inuk artist’
    • ‘As an Inuk, getting water with a bucket was just what Inuit people did all the time without payment.’
    • ‘Gordon ran on a campaign to bring more Inuit representation to council, which is now made up of four Inuit and four non-Inuit councillors, plus an Inuk mayor.’
    • ‘As a bilingual Inuk, she said unilingual Inuit can approach her without worries about communication.’
    • ‘But the pattern that has been subsequently demonstrated across a number of sites is wholly consistent with the traditional Inuk account.’
    • ‘But if an Irishman were to tell an Inuk a story about giants, or vice versa, either would understand exactly what the other was talking about.’
    • ‘If it was night school, I would still be comfortable in the traditional and cultural part of my life as an Inuk.’
    • ‘This will never be their home in the sense that it would be for an Inuk.’
    • ‘On 13 April, Ouligbuck, the Inuk interpreter who had served with Franklin's second expedition, arrived from Ungava via Red River.’
    • ‘She's in Ottawa because her daughter, seven-year-old Patrina Murphy, the first Inuk to undergo a heart transplant, must now be close to a specialized hospital.’
    • ‘One picture shows a beautiful Inuk girl wrapped in a red scarf.’
    • ‘He says the trip is a special one because he loves dogs and the North, and looks forward to learning from the Inuk community.’
    • ‘All the officials involved knew that the deaf Inuk was entitled to an interpreter, but how could one be provided?’
    • ‘Police arrested a young Inuk man in connection with the incident and took him into custody in Whapmagoostui.’
    • ‘Chances are good that if you go to tell an Inuk about some traditional story, they will have already heard a version of it.’
    • ‘Under the court injunction, an Inuk in Nunavut cannot be fined for having an unregistered gun.’
    • ‘I for one would like my daughter to be represented as an Inuk living in a city.’
    • ‘A buddy of mine went into an art gallery and bought a carving and he was all happy about how he'd gotten this Inuk carving.’
    • ‘Okalik is a confident, well-educated, liberal-minded modernist, living proof that with hard work, and a little education, any Inuk can go out into the world and do great things.’
    • ‘When I arrived in Frobisher Bay in 1956, every Inuk owned his own home.’
    • ‘Nunavut's only Inuk lawyer, Okalik may also be a shoo-in again for the justice portfolio in the next government.’


Inuit, literally ‘person’.