Meaning of Inuktitut in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈnʊktɪtʊt/


(also Inuktituk)
mass noun
  • The Inuit language.

    ‘There are two sources of native borrowing: the Canadian Indian languages such as Cree, Dene, and Ojibwa, and Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit.’
    • ‘Signs are written both in English and Inuktitut, the Inuit language.’
    • ‘It was followed by Dene, Inuktitut, Slavey, Dogrib and Ojibway translations.’
    • ‘This new information is posing something of a problem for the Inuit language, Inuktitut.’
    • ‘And only 64 per cent of Inuit said that Inuktitut was the main language used at home.’
    • ‘The story about Inuit (or Inuktitut, or Yup'ik, or more generally, Eskimo) words for snow is completely wrong.’
    • ‘Piugattuk speaks Inuktitut and has traditional Inuit skills that would have been difficult to fake on film.’
    • ‘Learned about Inuktitut (the language spoken by the Inuit) and learned some small phrases.’
    • ‘Manirajak fought to have Inuktitut and Cree languages broadcast.’
    • ‘Is there not a social and political willingness to know and teach about Inuktitut and Inuit culture in a land where 85 per cent of the population are Inuit?’
    • ‘I can think of more than a handful of Inuit who would not fear to be politically incorrect if the occasion called for it in conversing with Inuit of influence in Inuktitut.’
    • ‘The Inuit speak six dialects of a common language, Inuktitut, and are divided into eight main tribal groups.’
    • ‘Central to the realization of an Inuit government is the success of establishing Inuktitut as the working language of the government of Nunavut.’
    • ‘In doing so, it would establish Inuinnaqtun as a distinct language from Inuktitut, rather than a dialect, as Aariak has recommended.’
    • ‘It is ironic, but if we want to develop Inuktitut as a working language we need to be highly literate in English and possibly French.’
    • ‘Besides being fluent in French, Cunningham also reads, writes and speaks Inuktitut, which he's studied since moving to Pangnirtung more than a decade ago.’
    • ‘For the vast majority of the 600 students at Gammeqarfik, their first language is Greenlandic, a dialect of Inuktitut.’
    • ‘Inuit children grow up bilingual in Inuktitut and French or English.’
    • ‘Her linguistic skills were so good she listed Inuktitut as her second language when applying to McGill University in 1967.’


Inuit, literally ‘the Inuk way’, used as the title of a periodical.