Meaning of invaluably in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvaljʊəbli/


See invaluable

‘But Federer's right to tackle the task optimistically is underlined by the readiness of McEnroe, a superb champion who has become an invaluably cogent broadcaster on tennis, to identify strengths the Swiss has in common with Sampras.’
  • ‘Rather, they were invaluably aided by sermons that came from the pulpits of religious leaders who preached an obligation of obedience to the secular laws.’
  • ‘These, invaluably, flesh out the rather basic dance notations which have survived from the period, written in the Beauchamps/Feuillet system.’
  • ‘Certainly, these are people with essential skill sets who invaluably contribute to the design process.’
  • ‘The addition of Rosing's line drawings of many of the pieces adds invaluably to the text.’