Meaning of invasively in English:



See invasive

‘Indices of diastolic dysfunction can be obtained non-invasively with Doppler echocardiography or invasively with cardiac catheterisation and measurement of left ventricular pressure changes.’
  • ‘Many kidney conditions can now be treated less invasively by a percutaneous approach through the loin, retrograde approaches through the urethra, bladder, and ureter, or laparoscopy.’
  • ‘Although not definitive, recent studies have shown that early initiation of lipid-lowering therapy is safe and effective in both medically and invasively treated patients.’
  • ‘They cultivate a huge crop of it and once the plants' paratroops have descended on my territory, the roots spread so invasively that everything else gives up and goes.’
  • ‘Since then, it has spread invasively and now covers over 44 percent of the habitat for two endangered plants on the Humboldt Bay dunes.’