Meaning of inventively in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛntɪvli/

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‘It struck me that, typical for our age, the depiction of the horrific was astonishingly and inventively successful while the presentation of the beatific was, comparatively, shallow and disappointing.’
  • ‘Local institution Michael Yonkers has been having his own way with music for over 30 years, creating unheard sounds from inventively designed homemade guitars.’
  • ‘A microphone was positioned to the far left of the stage and he periodically spoke to us about Beethoven, Lizst and Schumann, explaining his inventively chosen programme most engagingly.’
  • ‘The dance scenes are lively and inventively shot, using multiple cameras, though their visuals are stronger than their choreography.’
  • ‘Inverlochy Castle's Michelin star means there can be few places in Britain where food is more inventively or attractively presented.’