Meaning of investible in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛstɪbl/


See invest

‘‘The 0.15 per cent turnover tax on investment will be a burden on the cost of management of investible funds,’ says Ghosh.’
  • ‘For example, the superannuation sector's investible pool which will be nudging a trillion dollars next year is being force fed with about $50 billion of new money each year.’
  • ‘Unlike well irrigation, which depends upon the investible capacity of farmers, public canals benefit all classes of farmers in proportion to the area they hold in the command area.’
  • ‘There's been a massive repatriation of money invested abroad, which has now come home and is looking for investible opportunities.’
  • ‘With the creation of additional financial sector liabilities determining the demand for securities, the ‘supply of investible funds’ became extraordinarily ‘elastic.’’