Meaning of investigatory in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛstɪɡət(ə)ri/


See investigate

‘No investigatory tribunal has ever been established for the Thatcher period.’
  • ‘Of course, there would be a need for an investigatory body to examine those professors who were attempting to hide their ideological roots in a vain attempt to cling to their tenure.’
  • ‘The regulation of investigatory powers bill, which should become law by the summer, provides the legal framework which will make Britain the greatest surveillance society on Earth.’
  • ‘Later, she was referred to hospital, where investigatory procedures revealed a devastating diagnosis, an aggressive and inoperable tumour in the brain stem.’
  • ‘That independent team investigatory team is reporting to the Commonwealth ombudsman in relation to that to ensure that any corruption has not spread further.’