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Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛs(t)m(ə)nt/

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  • 1mass noun The action or process of investing money for profit.

    ‘a debate over private investment in road-building’
    • ‘the need to attract foreign investment’
    • ‘a total investment of £50,000’
    • ‘Turkey has never led the list of the countries in terms of total amount of foreign investment in Bulgaria.’
    • ‘The government is in favour of allowing foreign direct investment in the pension sector.’
    • ‘This second phase will bring the total investment in excess of one billion dollars.’
    • ‘The report suggests there might be what it calls a new geography of foreign investment in the making.’
    • ‘We need to attract both private and foreign investment in education and train our manpower.’
    • ‘In fact most foreign investment in Britain is about buying up existing firms, not new development.’
    • ‘Musharraf has to create an atmosphere that would encourage foreign investment in Pakistan.’
    • ‘If you don't have the time to devote to managing your investments it might be a good idea to get some professional help.’
    • ‘Expectations on returns in investments have been considerably lowered.’
    • ‘But if firms do not undertake new investments, then this demand will be insufficient.’
    • ‘It had to make its investments work, but under this legislation there is absolutely no competition.’
    • ‘The reason is that all these figures give us an idea of what to expect from our own investments and borrowings over various time scales.’
    • ‘Many people seem to expect their investments to spring into instant action.’
    • ‘The companies practice this as well, resulting in the investments becoming active and the criminals becoming rich.’
    • ‘And so the initial corpus of money was expanded many times over, as a result of shrewd investments.’
    • ‘So far, they seem to be playing it safe, with less money than expected flowing into new investments.’
    • ‘As a result, the return on any savings or investments needs to at least match the rate of inflation or else you are effectively losing money over time.’
    • ‘With-profits funds invest in a combination of equities, fixed interest investments, gilts and property.’
    • ‘Energy companies get hundreds of millions of dollars for investments already made.’
    • ‘Like all share investments, index funds are too volatile for short-term investing.’
    investing, speculation
    stake, share, portion, interest, capital invested, money invested
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    1. 1.1count noun A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.
      ‘freezers really are a good investment for the elderly’
      • ‘Both of these pieces of equipment were good investments for future use in ceramics classes.’
      • ‘Future investments will be concentrated into the automotive business in order to improve its competitiveness.’
      • ‘We have made big investments for the future in the Superannuation Fund and now in the savings initiatives.’
      • ‘You can get packs of various sizes to suit all your cable management needs so they tend to be a good investment for a future quick fix.’
      • ‘Louis viewed bribes as an investment which could bring future benefits to France.’
      • ‘Chelsea with all their cash would see him as an investment for the future as much as anything else.’
      • ‘Wise buyers of contemporary Irish couture should regard their purchases as future investments.’
      • ‘It is worth the investment and risk of spending money upfront - not just to cover your back but to make better choices.’
      • ‘That is an investment in the future and an investment that is paying off already.’
      • ‘The band will soon be releasing a live album, which will be well worth the investment.’
      • ‘Maintaining and improving the outside of your home is well worth the investment and will make it more marketable.’
      • ‘There is a steep learning curve but it becomes an investment in the future and is an inevitability.’
      • ‘Even if you don't need the extra performance now, you can think of it as an investment in future gaming fun.’
      • ‘At the same time, furthering your career is one of the biggest investments you can make in your children's future.’
      • ‘The factors that make wine a worthwhile investment are numerous and complex.’
      • ‘Generally, we've left decisions about energy investments to private investors.’
      • ‘Over the long term, shares have beaten other mainstream investments, and we expect them to continue to do so in the future.’
      • ‘Chinese oil companies are investigating major investments in Russian energy companies.’
      • ‘Apart from investments, one source expected to grow is non-oil and gas exports.’
      • ‘The expected returns of all sterling-based investments, shares included, must now be lower to account for this.’
      venture, speculation, risk, gamble
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    2. 1.2count noun An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.
      ‘the time spent in attending the seminar is an investment in our professional futures’
      • ‘This survey is the result of a significant investment of time by numerous volunteers.’
      • ‘Then, there was an enormous investment of time and effort in the decision over the euro.’
      • ‘The readiness we have today is a result of our past investments in realistic training.’
      • ‘In the long run, graduates who go into high-earning jobs will still turn that into a worthwhile investment.’
      • ‘Such commemoration is a worthwhile investment in terms of the extra tourist income that would be brought to London.’
      • ‘But give first before you receive, considering it an investment in later results.’
      • ‘It requires a greater investment of time, attention, and emotional energy.’
      • ‘They are making investments for their own future.’
      • ‘This was just enough to buy a small flat in Nuneaton, through a friend, as an investment for the future.’
      • ‘May every gift we bring be an investment in the future that you have for all people.’
      sacrifice, surrender, foregoing, loss, relinquishment, forfeiture
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  • 2 archaic mass noun The surrounding of a place by a hostile force in order to besiege or blockade it.