Meaning of invigoratingly in English:



See invigorating

‘At times her story is invigoratingly liberating, at others it's tinged with sadness.’
  • ‘Not only are the recordings of an exemplary technical standard, remastering included, but from posterity's perspective, Beecham's Beethoven is still invigoratingly captivating and terrifically fresh.’
  • ‘The words and thoughts in Lewty's art never succumb to the urgent clip of 21st-century urban life but keep instead to an obsolete, invigoratingly slow pace.’
  • ‘Who knew, for example, that as unlikely a pairing as shrimp braised in carrot juice could produce something so invigoratingly succulent?’
  • ‘Fortunately, the bulk of the selections are either elegantly classic or invigoratingly up-to-date.’