Meaning of invitational in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnvɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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North American
  • (especially of a competition) open only to those invited.

    ‘Gymnasts can then participate in invitational competitions with their clubs.’
    • ‘This year the Cliburn, in its customary effort to include a contemporary work, held an invitational competition for composers.’
    • ‘We plan to grow this into an invitational competition for hang gliding and paragliding.’
    • ‘At all tournaments held throughout the year, including invitational tournaments attended to prepare for the regional and national competitions, students perform the roles of witnesses and attorneys.’
    • ‘In November 1981 Gerry was invited to Hong Kong to represent Ireland in an invitational superstars competition.’
    • ‘Anjali not only endorsed Annika's decision to enter the forbidden PGA territory but supports creation of more invitational sporting events featuring women and men wherever possible to attract more public and media exposure for sport.’
    • ‘No points were awarded during the Japan Cup or Tournament of Champions, which are now treated as invitational events.’
    • ‘The Warriors track and field team competed at the invitational Nike University of Toronto Track Classic this past weekend.’
    • ‘Hawaii's golf-perfect weather is an appropriate location for the invitational Eat It 2001 Golf Tournament at the scenic Ko Olina course.’
    • ‘At the invitational Copenhagen Master, which used the round-robin system, they failed to reach the final.’
    • ‘It is also hoped to stage a senior tournament, and a ladies invitational challenge.’
    • ‘In July, the Senior tour would begin, with perhaps an invitational doubles event or even a pairing of Senior men and women bowlers, and run through October.’
    • ‘The team then contested matches against an Ohakea invitational team, where the ADF proved too strong for their challengers.’
    • ‘The six invitational or foreign sides, including the much-fancied Academic Lions, are to be drawn into each pool, and then the remaining 12 teams will be placed in the groups via a free draw, which will take place in late May.’
    • ‘She mentioned receiving a card I had filled out a couple weeks ago when my daughter and I attended that Girl Scout invitational meeting.’
    • ‘The 18-member squad then will head for Germany as India has agreed to participate in a four-nation invitational tournament in Dusseldorf.’
    • ‘I first met Joel Moxey sometime ago during one of the World invitational bonefishing championships.’
    • ‘The formula was to take the top 28 on points, plus three invitational picks, with the final spot determined by the fans.’
    • ‘The annual Italian invitational youth tournament is in its 58th year and Chambishi are only the second Zambian team to take part, after Afrisport who contested the championship last year.’
    • ‘She won a couple of medals in invitational competitions in singles, but switched to dance because she always enjoyed dancing, much more than free skating.’


North American
  • An invitational competition.

    ‘According to Gymnastics Canada, she competed in 21 international invitationals alone.’
    • ‘After the Olympics, Izabela competed at several invitationals, until an ankle injury sidelined for the rest of the year.’
    • ‘I do not plan to participate in any more tournaments or invitationals.’
    • ‘Placing great importance on international competition, It hosts two annual international invitationals: the Valeri Liukin Invitational for boys and the Plano Classic for girls.’
    • ‘Natalia burst onto the international scene in 1979, winning a pair of golds at the Junior Friendship Tour and competing in a number of prestigious invitationals.’
    • ‘One of nine invitationals on the schedule, this tournament attracted a star-studded field of 175 youngsters from 35 states and nine countries.’
    • ‘Piskun also excelled at other meets, often winning many international invitationals.’
    • ‘Now, after experimenting with a number of low-key pro exhibition events and small invitationals, the Orange County Squashers are introducing a PSA Challenger Event.’
    • ‘Such invitationals will attract more viewership for sport by sparking interest among sports fans.’
    • ‘Again everything seemed to work out well for he was invited to play in Spain, then Germany to play in the World Championships - an invitational with a limited number of players from each country.’
    • ‘The invitational is a round-robin event with the top two teams going through to the final.’
    • ‘The Pyongyang invitational, which was suspended from 1993 to 1998, was renewed last year and welcomed players from Japan, China, Mongolia, Iran and India.’
    • ‘The happy surprise of the day was that Alli and Maia were 16th and 17th and their team finished with 35 points their lowest total at an invitational yet.’
    • ‘We can work on it later, maybe in time for the state invitational, even.’
    • ‘Sakala said clubs were free to use players from teams not selected or from anywhere else to play under their name since the tournament was invitational.’
    • ‘A tongue-in-cheek golf tournament invitational takes place at the top of Dundas every year.’
    • ‘Sorry, we are not counting the medals won at the invitational and the regional championships.’
    • ‘But without Duval, ranked No 3 in the world, Mickelson No 4, Westwood No 5, Montgomery No 6 and Love No 7, the tournament seems like a glorified club invitational.’
    • ‘They may not be authentic anything, but they might still hold their own at the Jack Daniels invitational.’
    • ‘The field of this year's invitational will be made up of the top 10 finishers in the 2004 Top Sportsman points from the Southeast, North Central, and South Central divisions.’