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Pronunciation /ˈɪnvɔɪs/

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  • A list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.

    ‘This master file then automatically generates key documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of exchange, and beneficiary certificates in minutes.’
    • ‘The trend to email is not just affecting personal communications though, some business are already beginning to opt to send electronic copies of invoices and statements in preference to hardcopy.’
    • ‘I've sent an invoice, statements, reminders, and a final demand which I delivered in person.’
    • ‘I am sitting here deep in paperwork, urgent invoices, to do list that is longer than my arm because I had last week off work.’
    • ‘I am asking you one more time to put all of the invoices and statements together.’
    • ‘You can even request to see the factory invoice, which lists manufacturer-to-dealer incentives and rebates.’
    • ‘When I started in business, I didn't know the difference between an invoice and a statement.’
    • ‘Many different electronic and imaged documents might exist for a single customer: invoices, bills of shipping, activity reports, data mining graphs.’
    • ‘By Wednesday, word was filtering through that the department's extensive investigations showed no paper trail of invoices, bills or other relevant documents.’
    • ‘He asks who will review the invoices and write the checks, what days of the month checks are written, and, on large residential projects, whether there's a business manager or accountant involved.’
    • ‘In addition, enterprises should also be renationalized when the management is unable to pay the bills, including invoices, salaries, and taxes.’
    • ‘If they're trying to reach the general public and fall on their face with loads of credit card bills and unpaid invoices, then it is merely art, an expressive flight of fancy.’
    • ‘Confirmation letters will be sent on receipt of booking and receipted invoices will be sent on receipt of payment, which must be made before the event.’
    • ‘Some studies examine the differences between third-party invoices and customer bills.’
    • ‘‘I just said fine, send me the invoice, I'll pay for it,’ he says.’
    • ‘It was also consistent with the practice of the time in assigning cargo to captains complete with written instructions, invoices, and bills of lading to ensure agreement on what was received and delivered.’
    • ‘They are to provide proper identification, supply invoices or letters from suppliers or their passports proving that they travelled abroad to purchase merchandise.’
    • ‘Parents appreciated not having monthly tuition payments altered, and the invoice provided clear documentation of the expenses incurred throughout the year.’
    • ‘The facility to design, produce, and distribute invoices, payrolls, pension statements or council tax bills, is also part of the company's one-stop shop approach to business processes.’
    • ‘He controlled a string of firms, which sent thousands of bogus invoices to hospitals for the services of locum doctors.’
    bill, account, statement, statement of charges, itemization, reckoning, tally
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[with object]
  • 1Send an invoice to (someone).

    ‘If it is an issue, invoice me for the trip and I will send you an account for the full amount of my professional fees.’
    • ‘If your last date turned out to be a non-prospect, try invoicing her for half the cost.’
    • ‘I do know that if she keeps printing my words I shall have to start invoicing her for doing so.’
    • ‘In one area of my work - the ailing tourism and agriculture sectors, I haven't invoiced anyone for two-and-a-half years.’
    • ‘The victim would then assume it was a mistake by the ‘company’ who invoiced him and just ignore the invoice.’
    • ‘Following a conversation with the appellant, the respondent had invoiced him for £350 and been paid that sum.’
    • ‘Mr Gurney said that Mr Ellis had invoiced him for £25,000 for the introduction.’
    • ‘I just invoiced him so let's see if it actually gets paid since daddy writes the checks!’
    • ‘In contrast a few weeks ago I had a silly mess up, where British Gas invoiced me for a CO2 detector.’
    • ‘This is just an opportunity for lawyers to invoice someone.’
    • ‘The company will accept your letter as an order to produce the detailed specification and will invoice you on completion of this work whether or not your scheme progresses to the execution stage.’
    • ‘We expect to be paid £1.3m in March to cover the cost of equipment but the order will be completed only in August and the manufacturer will then invoice us for that amount.’
    • ‘Getting suppliers to invoice you electronically will also cut down on the paper blizzard and reduce the cost of acquiring information.’
    • ‘We will invoice him our European retail price without tax.’
    • ‘They required paying in cash (no surprises there), but Bill's mum had told Bill's dad that they would invoice us.’
    • ‘One, from mid-March, tells me to hot-foot it back with the books or else they'll invoice me for them.’
    • ‘I may, however, invoice her for 10,500 CDs the first time she asks me to co-sign a loan.’
    • ‘I'll be invoicing them for the additional charge incurred this weekend.’
    • ‘In the finance department a clerk sat giving a patient explanation to a group of girls on the process of invoicing a client.’
    • ‘Documents obtained show that he invoiced a named director of the Park Development Company for £600 in December.’
    bill, charge, debit, send an bill to, send an invoice to
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    1. 1.1Send an invoice for (goods or services provided).
      ‘It is from those links that the customer derives the right to have transactions effected, even if they are invoiced as services provided to the bank and also alter the bank's financial situation.’
      • ‘Norman had falsified invoices to purported service providers.’
      • ‘Cassidy invoiced MC for consultancy services in finding labour purportedly supplied by the 11 alleged sub-contractors who were the subject of the first and second frauds.’
      • ‘In the north - east of Scotland this means that 2500 companies invoice BP for services, although 95% of this total is just over 300 companies.’
      • ‘The expatriate can, for example, use the company for the import and export of goods for commercial purposes, and for invoicing for their services.’
      • ‘The plaintiff submits it was not paid the $33,000 invoiced for site services, nor was it paid $10, 200 for wiring and telephone lines, plus other amounts owing.’
      • ‘The Carrier would invoice the Companies for the freight services provided.’
      • ‘On August 18,they invoiced Duncan Design for $5,250.00 for architectural services.’
      • ‘One player has been invoiced for post-match sandwiches that he ordered on room service more than two years ago.’
      • ‘The amount to be invoiced in respect of Hok Sport's services during the then current phase of work was further discussed at the Anaheim meetings in April 1997.’
      • ‘Ebsco Online's pay-per-view service now includes a ghost card feature that permits invoicing at the organizational level for articles purchased by library patrons.’
      • ‘The stamp from the customs and excise division would accompany all invoices for exports to the United States for goods traded under the arrangement.’
      • ‘A one-time purchase eliminates the ongoing invoicing of a rental service.’
      • ‘Tillingdale invoiced O'Leary €28,603 for services provided in the course of its business and made payments of €475,940 on his behalf during the year.’
      • ‘Services will be invoiced bi-monthly following performance of the services together with travel and living expenses, if applicable and are due and payable within 30 days of invoice date.’


Mid 16th century originally the plural of obsolete invoy, from obsolete French envoy from envoyer ‘send’ (see envoy).