Meaning of inward investment in English:

inward investment



mass noun
  • Investment in a country made by investors outside that country.

    ‘local governments are focused on generating inward investment’
    • ‘If the current trend in gas prices continues, industrialists fear that inward investment in Britain will suffer.’
    • ‘There is strong evidence that Ireland is pricing itself out of the market for inward investment.’
    • ‘He added that there was also inward investment in tobacco farming which had led to its expansion.’
    • ‘It is easier to draw in inward investment and persuade people to stay in a place if proper attention is given to the urban environment.’
    • ‘The actual extent to which these increase will depend on the level and the speed of new inward investment flows.’
    • ‘A serious downturn in the US would adversely affect inward investment and our exports.’
    • ‘Post-war England was in the middle of an agricultural depression and needed inward investment.’
    • ‘It also called for a new programme to attract inward investment into UK manufacturing and for a reduction in business regulations.’
    • ‘It will also accommodate commercial inward investment and relocation of expanding existing York businesses.’
    • ‘During the 1990s China was the largest developing country recipient of inward investment.’
    • ‘New entrants would bring inward investment, customer choice and competitive tension to the market.’
    • ‘Inward investment to Scotland has outstripped inward investment to other parts of the UK.’
    • ‘The liberalized policy would not necessarily bring in inward investment from foreign automakers.’
    • ‘Quality housing has been created and that in turn has attracted inward investment, such as MBNA, into the region.’
    • ‘The evidence from bilateral treaties suggests that such agreements do not even increase the flow of inward investment.’
    • ‘The emphasis seems to have been on attracting inward investment.’
    • ‘He said the network would offer competitive prices and make the Irish regions more attractive for inward investment.’
    • ‘In the past the country was attractive to foreign inward investment due, mainly, to the abundant supply of labour.’
    • ‘Demand this year principally came from indigenous companies due to the slowdown in inward investment.’
    • ‘The agency expects to announce up to 55 inward investment projects this year, on a par with last year.’