Significado de iodinate en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈʌɪədɪneɪt/ /ʌɪˈɒdɪneɪt/


[con objeto]Química
  • Introduce iodine into (a compound)

    ‘a new reagent system has been found to be effective in iodinating a variety of aromatic substrates’
    • ‘In some European countries, mucolytic agents (such as bromhexine or iodinated glycerol) are widely used to treat chronic bronchitis.’
    • ‘This study reported no significant difference in exacerbation rates between iodinated glycerol and placebo, but the summary statistics were not available.’
    • ‘Even bigger increases in iodine intake came in the 1960s, when iodinated additives, sterilizing agents and food colorings began to be used in industrial bread, milk and cereal production.’
    • ‘MRI is the preferred noninvasive imaging modality because it does not need x-ray exposure and no potentially nephrotoxic, iodinated contrast agents.’
    • ‘The large number of irregular densities found throughout the tumor are from the injection of Lipiodol, an oily iodinated agent to carry the chemotherapy agents into the tumor.’