Meaning of ionizable in English:



(also British ionisable)

See ionize

‘In a conventional molecular dynamics simulation the protonation state of the protein is preset and kept fixed according to the known pK values of the ionizable side chains.’
  • ‘Hydrogen-bonding interactions play key roles in regulating the pK a values of ionizable groups and in driving proton transfers.’
  • ‘We find that the channel conducts when the ionizable residues near the extracellular entrance are fully charged and those near the intracellular side are partially charged.’
  • ‘All ionizable groups of the protein, with the exception of the catalytic histidine 188, have clear protonation states at pH 7.’
  • ‘Accordingly, all ionizable residues were considered to be in their charged state, in accordance with the standard pK values and the pH of the reaction.’