Meaning of irascibly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈrasɪbli/

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‘How selfish he must think I am, she thought irascibly, tugging her long slender fingers through her hair to unravel the lacquered knots.’
  • ‘There's more chance then of a top dog being snapped at its customised boots by a mongrel that irascibly, annoyingly, insistently does not know its place.’
  • ‘‘There wasn't a wall here before, last time I checked,’ I mutter irascibly into the hard concrete and slumped into the ground.’
  • ‘I thought irascibly, though couldn't help but let a small smile grace my lips as the satisfying crunch of my alarm clock shattering into tiny little fragments of itself echoed in my head.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, what was once irascibly ribald years ago is now so sedate as to be comatose.’