Meaning of iron-bound in English:



  • 1Bound with iron.

    ‘an old iron-bound chest’
    • ‘In one corner was a disarrayed mess of blankets that I guessed served as a bed, an iron-bound chest similar to Mai's tucked into a corner.’
    • ‘Locked iron-bound chests labelled with Sathe script were everywhere.’
    • ‘At the foot of the bed a patch of darkness resolved into a heavy, iron-bound chest.’
    1. 1.1Rigorous or inflexible.
      ‘iron-bound rules’
      • ‘Of all rules of public law it is the one which does most to prevent the whole of the civilised world being brought under an iron-bound theory of government.’
      • ‘Ammons, like Kerouac, seems to have "gotten sick and tired of the conventional English sentence which seemed to me so iron-bound in its rules."’
    2. 1.2 archaic (of a coast) faced or enclosed with rocks.