Meaning of iron filings in English:

iron filings

plural noun

  • Small particles of iron produced by filing or a similar mechanical process.

    ‘school students use iron filings to show how conductive objects can align with a magnetic field’
    • ‘fish were drawn to the light like iron filings to a magnet’
    • ‘Already in the 18th century chemists were splitting water by passing steam through red-hot tubes of iron filings.’
    • ‘Dropping iron filings into the ocean can generate blooms of carbon-absorbing plankton.’
    • ‘He also tinkered with the classic experiment of sprinkling iron filings on a sheet of paper near a magnet, giving rise to pretty patterns.’
    • ‘The lines of force one sees when sprinkling iron filings around a magnet depict the shape of a field in physical space.’
    • ‘We are shooting a music video which involves macro photography of iron filings and ferrofluid, looking at their reaction to the magnetic field.’
    • ‘On a map, the fleet's movement over the next week would look like iron filings sucked in by a magnet.’
    • ‘Three years later he published a paper on the motion of iron filings on a vibrating plate which was subjected to a magnetic field.’
    • ‘Wherever he went, even in his sojourns in hospital, he picked up girls as a magnet picks up iron filings.’
    • ‘Test the strength of the compasses with iron filings.’