Meaning of iron foundry in English:

iron foundry

nounplural noun iron foundries

  • A workshop or factory for casting iron or iron alloys.

    ‘the building was originally an iron foundry’
    • ‘He was born in Port Talbot, a tough industrial town in Wales where the main source of employment was the iron foundry.’
    • ‘Once an iron foundry, the building, built in 1896, has been bought by developers who won't renew the lease.’
    • ‘The company started life as a small-scale iron foundry unit in Nagpur and is now the flagship company of the whole group.’
    • ‘Our silicon metal and alloys find applications in the field of semiconductor, automobile, steel and aluminum manufacturing and iron foundries.’
    • ‘The Black Country gained its name in the mid-19th century due to smoke from the thousands of iron foundries and 30ft thick coal seams.’
    • ‘The company operates a pig iron unit, a grey cast iron foundry, cement unit, and coke conversion plant.’
    • ‘Iron foundries, heavy industry and heavy cars were plentiful in the upper Midwestern US.’
    • ‘In 1903, Birmingham was a center of industry with its iron foundries flourishing.’
    • ‘The quarry was operated during the mid-nineteenth century for limestone, which was used as a flux at local iron foundries.’
    • ‘The coal is exported to Germany and Spain where it is used in iron foundries.’