Meaning of iron grey in English:

iron grey


mass noun
  • 1A dark grey colour.

    ‘He had a round, balding head with a ponytail of iron-grey hair and a bristling grey moustache adorning a seamed, weathered face.’
    • ‘Her iron-grey hair curves like a bell around her wise features.’
    • ‘The iron-grey stones were held in a merciless grip as frost flowered across them, and the doors were sealed behind great banks of rose-gold ice and glaciers built up behind each pallet.’
    • ‘The ships heaved on the surface of the sea, huge iron-grey breakers pouring over the brilliant red vessels and the single golden on that gleamed proudly at the fore of the arrowhead.’
    • ‘This thing that is meant for sereneness, to send up mild white vapors among mild white hairs, not among torn iron-grey locks like mine.’
    • ‘She was looking up into a canopy of trees, the branches nearly bare, with an iron-grey sky above.’
    • ‘Cerium is an iron-gray metal with a melting point of 1,463°F, and a boiling point of 5,895°F.’
    • ‘There's an iron-gray lake in the background, ducks floating on a misty pond.’
    • ‘Since the divorce, she had stopped coloring her hair, and she hopped the shining iron grey would give her some air of authority too.’
    • ‘Their eyes were cold, iron gray and as featureless as a statue's.’
    • ‘Its mellifluous segments slowly faded to iron gray and became high and narrow.’
    • ‘The postal pipes gleam and hum along the curbs and on the sides of iron grey buildings against a blue and white sky.’
    • ‘The windows were already riming with ice as he arrived in the bridge, and the azure seas had become iron-grey and filled with harsh white bergs that floated ponderously in the ocean currents.’
    • ‘It exhibits a metallic luster and a color that varies from bright steel-gray to iron-gray; it is often tarnished in shades of bronze to sooty-gray.’
    • ‘As the man with his iron grey hair and blue eyes came around one of the dividing walls, he immediately began pushing Phillip towards the door.’
    • ‘The fort was iron-grey, stone-grey, dirt-grey.’
    • ‘There was a small garden, a patch of greenery in the iron grey of the fort, in some distant corner of it.’
    • ‘Three metres tall each, they looked like crude statues made of hard stone, only human shaped in the most basic sense and a deep iron grey in colour.’
    • ‘The sky was still an iron grey, promising more storms, but Christy's mother had insisted that she and Christy brave the weather and go to church anyway.’
    • ‘His blond, shoulder length hair accented an Adonis-like body, and his piercing eyes were an iron grey.’
    blue-grey, grey, steel-coloured, steel-grey, iron-grey
    1. 1.1count noun A horse of a dark grey colour.