Meaning of ironbark in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪənbɑːk/


  • An Australian eucalyptus tree with thick, solid bark and hard, dense, durable timber.

    Genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae: several species, including the grey ironbark (E. paniculata)

    ‘I drive up the Parade and daily I am made happy by the row of mighty ironbarks on its median strip.’
    • ‘Most people know about the famous Mediterranean herbs such as basil and oregano, but Peter's passion is to introduce people to Australian herbs such as lemon ironbark and bolwarra.’
    • ‘The piles were tarred ironbark and the beams were kauri with iron brackets to brace them.’
    • ‘Winter flowering of red ironbark across central Victoria was much depressed, so that the abundant nectar resource that many nectarivorous species normally rely on was greatly reduced.’
    • ‘All sites were similar floristically, being dry, open woodland dominated by red ironbark, a winter-flowering species.’