Meaning of irradiance in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈreɪdɪəns/


mass noun
  • 1Physics
    The flux of radiant energy per unit area (normal to the direction of flow of radiant energy through a medium).

    ‘In the preillumination experiments the cells were exposed to lights of different irradiance, dose and direction.’
    • ‘We computed the ratio of direct to total horizontal irradiance as a function of SZA and column ozone amount.’
    • ‘Consider the task of measuring the spectral content of output irradiance from a solar simulator.’
    • ‘When imaging large areas, this requirement for a high photon irradiance presents a significant technical challenge.’
    • ‘Although the solar simulator provides a higher spectral irradiance throughout the UV, its spectrum differs from natural sunlight.’
    radiance, light, brightness, luminosity, shine, gleam, glimmer, incandescence, phosphorescence, luminescence
  • 2literary The fact of shining brightly.

    light, shining, brightness, brilliance, luminosity, radiation, beams, rays, illumination, blaze, glow, luminousness, gleam, lustre, glitter, sparkle, flash, dazzle, shimmer, glare