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Pronunciation /ɪˈrɛp(ə)rəbl/

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  • (of an injury or loss) impossible to rectify or repair.

    ‘they were doing irreparable damage to my heart and lungs’
    • ‘The whole nation mourned the irreparable loss as Nelson laid peacefully in his sarcophagus.’
    • ‘Now, some people will insist that massive strokes leave irreparable injuries to the brain.’
    • ‘We are doomed to choose, and every choice may entail an irreparable loss.’
    • ‘Even before the oath of 1790 further irreparable losses had been sustained, not all of them material.’
    • ‘He was a noble son of the earth and his death was an irreparable loss to mankind.’
    • ‘It would be an irreparable loss to science if they should get away.’
    • ‘R.J.R. MacDonald described permanent market loss as an example of irreparable harm.’
    • ‘The pictures of petrol-bomb hurling youths that flashed round the world more than a year ago did irreparable harm to the city's image.’
    • ‘Two different judges in those three separate hearings have said no irreparable harm is being done.’
    • ‘Its appointment would do irreparable harm to the cause of the Chief Justice, those lawyers said.’
    • ‘Last year's construction caused irreparable harm to some of the family farms there.’
    • ‘Will the applicants suffer irreparable harm uncompensable by money damages if the relief sought is not granted?’
    • ‘Such interim measures may be taken in order to prevent serious and irreparable harm to any person, or general damage to the public interest.’
    • ‘Murphy has pointed out that this implies enduring and irreparable harm, and that it may be narrower than the judicial elaborations on the old law.’
    • ‘Thirty years of civil war have done irreparable harm to Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Mr Devereux said as well as a huge financial loss some of the damage was irreparable.’
    • ‘Foot-and-mouth may have already caused irreparable archaeological loss.’
    • ‘But if the allegation was true and a bishop acted too slowly, irreparable damage may be caused to the victims.’
    • ‘The rest of the night I sit there, wondering if I've done something irreparable, lost something irretrievable.’
    • ‘My personal fear is that untold irreparable damage will be done.’
    irreversible, irremediable, unrectifiable, irrevocable, irretrievable, irredeemable, unrestorable, irrecoverable, unrecoverable, unrepairable, beyond repair, past mending
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Late Middle English via Old French from Latin irreparabilis, from in- ‘not’ + reparabilis (see reparable).