Meaning of irresponsibly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪrɪˈspɒnsɪbli/

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  • In a manner that lacks a proper sense of responsibility.

    ‘police are clamping down on motorists who drive irresponsibly’
    • ‘doctors who behave irresponsibly get struck off’
    • ‘I remember very clearly the last time I sat in a principal's office, being yelled at for acting irresponsibly.’
    • ‘He had not, he reminded them, acted wildly or irresponsibly on the subject of emancipation.’
    • ‘Secession would not even be an issue, he claimed, had not certain office-seekers irresponsibly agitated abstract sectional issues for partisan advantage.’
    • ‘You don't calculate the odds whether unlimited power will be exercised responsibly or irresponsibly.’
    • ‘There is no public interest in allowing defamatory statements to be made irresponsibly under the banner of freedom of expression.’
    • ‘Numerous psychedelic explorers had gotten lost by irresponsibly experimenting with powerful and hard drugs.’
    • ‘The article irresponsibly airs the opinion of the "expert" without providing any details of his qualifications.’
    • ‘They are attempting to dishonor her by claiming that she was acting irresponsibly, yet many believe her death was deliberate.’
    • ‘Not being able to reach the vice president of communications in time for your deadline does not allow the publication to act irresponsibly with the facts.’
    • ‘These feelings were the result of knowing or strongly suspecting that a partner had irresponsibly infected them.’