Meaning of irretrievably in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪrɪˈtriːvəbli/

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  • In a way that cannot be retrieved or put right.

    ‘trillions of dollars were irretrievably lost’
    • ‘the marriage had irretrievably broken down’
    • ‘The original characteristics of a piece of land may have been irretrievably altered over time by manifold human activities.’
    • ‘By the time the mental health system was done with her, she was an irretrievably damaged schizophrenic.’
    • ‘The couple's relationship deteriorated irretrievably during their six years there.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the value of the token is irretrievably dependent on the success of the economy.’
    • ‘The surface of the floor is irretrievably pitted by bat urine.’
    • ‘This helps ensure an education for children who might otherwise be irretrievably ensnared in working slavery from an early age.’
    • ‘Much like the narrator, Jim is an irretrievably marginalized figure living on the fringes of society.’
    • ‘Married with four sons, he had fallen "desperately, irretrievably" in love with an aspiring journalist 22 years his junior.’
    • ‘In the Colonies, the status and concept of the Church of England changed irretrievably.’
    • ‘The company's financial fortunes seemed irretrievably tied to databases and large e-commerce suites.’