Meaning of irrevocably in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈrɛvəkəbli/

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  • In a way that cannot be changed, reversed, or recovered.

    ‘my life changed irrevocably in an instant’
    • ‘our environment will be irrevocably damaged’
    • ‘The hands of the clock move irrevocably towards the three quarter.’
    • ‘The Japan portrayed here is being subtly, perhaps irrevocably, encroached upon by Western culture.’
    • ‘The big beasts have irrevocably shouldered the burden of architectural eminence.’
    • ‘Smith, it seems, has been irrevocably altered.’
    • ‘Deprived irrevocably of what he wants most, that which is the source of his psychosomatic illness, he becomes truly ill.’
    • ‘His world has been irrevocably broken by paternity.’
    • ‘The unhappy creature of our story was still hidden in her mother's womb when her state in life had already been irrevocably settled.’
    • ‘The light itself acts as a memory screen to a world irrevocably gone.’
    • ‘From his furtive and imperfect glimpses, he projects a continuity, itself irrevocably impossible.’
    • ‘They struggled in secret to understand a psychological inheritance which threatened to set them irrevocably apart from mainstream society.’