Meaning of irrigator in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪrɪɡeɪtə/


See irrigate

‘Last year, 125,000 megalitres of water, about 60,000 Olympic swimming pools, was kept back from irrigators to keep the river healthy.’
  • ‘I guess I'm not heartened by irrigators suggesting - quite appropriately - that they will now change their practices so that they'll reduce their impact.’
  • ‘Because it's the Queensland Government's job to regulate its irrigators, there's the perception of state self-interest in this.’
  • ‘It's only the second time in history that the state's irrigators and domestic users will have their water supply cut; this time by 30 per cent.’
  • ‘A floating pump in New Zealand dairyland sends a slurry of water and manure to small irrigators that pull themselves across a field using water power.’
  • ‘Environmentalists wanted to conserve the water in its natural course; irrigators wanted to keep it from going to waste.’