Meaning of Islamist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪzləmɪst/

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  • An advocate or supporter of Islamic militancy or fundamentalism.

    ‘radical Islamists’
    • ‘He is an Islamist who preaches the virtues of sharia law.’
    • ‘The deal was allegedly brokered by their president, a moderate Islamist who visited Downing Street in 2010.’
    • ‘He is depicted as an idealistic, fanatical Islamist prepared to die for his beliefs.’
    • ‘He was banned from entering the country on suspicion of having links with a certain Algerian Islamist.’
    • ‘On Friday, security officials arrested an Islamist who leads a small opposition group.’
    • ‘The group is named for the Islamist who died in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets in the late 1980s.’
    • ‘Foremost amongst these was an Islamist who had previously supported the Green Party.’
    • ‘The territory's economic woes intensified after this Islamist was toppled in a military coup in July.’
    • ‘This has given new urgency to the hunt for its editor, an unknown Islamist who goes by the name "Yahya Ibrahim."’
    • ‘He was a moderate Islamist who was skilled at weathering the vicissitudes of Somali politics.’


  • Relating to, advocating, or supporting Islamic militancy or fundamentalism.

    ‘hardline Islamist groups’
    • ‘Islamist ideology’
    • ‘Fewer than 10 percent of these forces focus on Islamist groups.’
    • ‘Occidentalism, the authors say, is not only an Islamist trait.’
    • ‘The laws under which he was prosecuted were framed in an attempt to stem the flow of funds for subversive Islamist activities.’
    • ‘Islamist participation in government may draw the sting of their own anathemas against the "corrupting influence of modem power."’
    • ‘The government has a pathological allergy towards reports in the foreign press, especially ones that focus on Islamist politics.’
    • ‘The reason was that the electoral base of Islamist parties did not exceed 20 percent.’
    • ‘It then began to confront "Islamist populism" in the name of secularism.’
    • ‘The country's Islamist party was elected by a solid majority, then prevented from taking office by a secular military.’
    • ‘The Islamist coalition was split down the middle.’
    • ‘He went to interview a fanatical Islamist preacher who did not want to be found.’