Meaning of island state in English:

island state


  • An island governed by a single autonomous body.

    ‘the island state of Tasmania on the south’
    • ‘Land is at a premium in the island state of Singapore.’
    • ‘His latest project is a new National Library for the island state of Singapore.’
    • ‘If our findings can be generalized, then there is little doubt that special events will boost tourism in small island states.’
    • ‘Food produced in the island state of Tasmania may in the future include a picture of a cow on each package of meat.’
    • ‘Visitor arrivals to the island state are on the rise.’
    • ‘One major scene for solar progress is Hawaii, a sun-drenched island state with some of the best resources for solar and wind energy.’
    • ‘The need for preservation of wilderness areas also became more pressing, especially in the small island state of Tasmania.’
    • ‘Off the southeast coast lies the island state of Tasmania.’
    • ‘Originally, we are told, she hailed from Tasmania, the Australian island state.’
    • ‘A coalition of 40 island states recently blocked an attempt to postpone a major 120-country meeting on climate change.’