Meaning of isolation hospital in English:

isolation hospital


  • A hospital for patients with contagious or infectious diseases.

    ‘in 1872 he was given charge of the city's smallpox isolation hospital’
    • ‘His working group has also called for a return to isolation hospitals of the type built to deal with TB last century.’
    • ‘She couldn't attend his funeral because she was in an isolation hospital.’
    • ‘These children have typhoid, they should be in isolation, but the isolation hospital was looted.’
    • ‘Before the advent of mass vaccination programmes those with infectious fevers were taken in to isolation hospitals, often called fever hospitals.’
    • ‘Private cars were few and far between in the 1930s so I was taken to the isolation hospital by ambulance.’
    • ‘His wife sent him to the local isolation hospital but no patients would share the same ward with him.’
    • ‘While the remaining passengers were free to land, those suspected of carrying an infectious disease were placed in isolation hospitals.’
    • ‘Ten children, including seven already diagnosed with meningitis, have been brought to Moscow isolation hospitals.’
    • ‘Quickly fund and build more special isolation hospital beds as we currently have in Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, etc.’
    • ‘The Isolation Hospital grew from a single building to encompass several separate homes for sufferers of various illnesses.’