Meaning of isomorphic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌɪsə(ʊ)ˈmɔːfɪk/


  • 1Corresponding or similar in form and relations.

    ‘According to the variables necessary for filling the diagram, one establishes parallel relations of isomorphic structures’.’
    • ‘This rendering is isomorphic to the corresponding subgraph in A.’
    • ‘This can be seen as isomorphic as in correspondence models.’
    • ‘It could hardly be denied that there is an isomorphic relationship between the social and individual disorders of capitalism.’
    • ‘To separate isomorphic chromosomes, electrophoretic conditions were modified and a longer gel was used.’
    • ‘In broad terms, two sentences are intensionally isomorphic if and only if their corresponding elements are L-equivalent.’
    • ‘Trauma during the early stages of evolution may induce the isomorphic phenomenon to produce a linear distribution of papules.’
    • ‘Also, objects that are not isomorphic in one category might become isomorphic when a functor is applied.’
    • ‘Numerous studies demonstrate that preschool age boys and girls incorporate communicative features that are isomorphic to those of adult male and female communication styles.’
    • ‘In fact, the whole process of digital music processing is nearly isomorphic to the use of a word processor.’
    • ‘The allegorist assumes that, when virtue imitates vice at the moment of attack, it can, by that very isomorphic imitation, destroy its opposite.’
    • ‘In this paper, we fill this gap as we identify, conceptualize, measure, and test the effects of the institutional forces that produce isomorphic behavior among firms located in different countries.’
    • ‘It is nearly isomorphic to the standard deck, in that there are 52 cards in four suits (two red and two black), with cards running Ace through King, and two Jokers.’
    • ‘It is believed that the gametophyte generation also had water-conducting tissue, cuticle, and stomata, making this species isomorphic.’
    • ‘The most important factor in creating an isomorphic training process is the reduction of hierarchy in the supervisor-trainee relationship.’
    • ‘Thus, while the three isomorphic effects can be distinguished conceptually, in empirical reality they may prove difficult to disentangle.’
    • ‘These modern negotiations, however, shaped the basic framework of EP to be isomorphic with that of Standard Social Science.’
    • ‘Shannon found out that his equation was isomorphic with Boltzmann's equation of entropy.’
    • ‘The pattern of discrimination and the map of the population found in police culture are isomorphic.’
    • ‘A visualization interface that is structurally isomorphic to the concept network will support knowledge learning more powerfully.’
    1. 1.1Having the same crystalline form.
      • ‘Two or more isomorphic substances sometimes crystallize together to form a solid solution with a singular geometric configuration.’