Meaning of it'll in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪtl/

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  • It shall; it will.

    ‘The second step is to use a bit of forethought when planning your planting for next year - it'll pay dividends.’
    • ‘I hope we have a good time as it'll be Marky's first real trip to Paris.’
    • ‘I want to decorate the tree and the cake when I get back, but I don't think that counts as it'll happen anyway.’
    • ‘If you roll it with your tongue just right, it'll even produce an echo effect.’
    • ‘This year's programme is only the start and it'll be subject to review.’
    • ‘If today's weather doesn't suit then, not to worry, the chances are it'll be different tomorrow.’
    • ‘Now, if I play it at the beginning of a set, it'll clear the floor and not reach people properly.’
    • ‘It's charming and it'll confirm your belief in the rejuvenating effects of cinema.’
    • ‘It'll be cold, it'll be dark, it'll be cloudy, and light drizzle is threatened.’
    • ‘Sons and Daughters play at Glastonbury over the weekend - it'll be interesting to see how they do.’
    • ‘Probably means it'll be happening within five years, and scrapped in ten.’
    • ‘For a fairly standard insurance package, with Heather insured to drive it, it'll cost a medium whack.’
    • ‘Mommy designed the state-of-the art plane from top to bottom, so it'll be a safe trip.’
    • ‘It's a great way to meet people with similar interests and it'll get you out of the house on the weekend.’
    • ‘Plus, it'll keep your mind off the loss of an old friend and help you find some new ones.’
    • ‘For better or worse, one suspects it'll never become a predictable choice.’
    • ‘Although I'm not sure it'll be quite so delicious back in chilly old Blighty.’
    • ‘I'm going to Chicago for the day tomorrow, and I think it'll be an ideal venue to try out this new approach.’
    • ‘So you see, just because you're right, it doesn't mean it'll get you anywhere.’
    • ‘If this film is half as good as the first, it'll be well worth the ticket price.’